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Companion Weight Loss offers Physician-assisted medical weight loss programs with tirzepatide & semaglutide injections for qualifying patients.

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Starting at $225/mo

Companion Weight Loss Tirzepatide Vial

Get the same active ingredient as the brand-name medications Mounjaro and Zepbound shipped directly to your door.

Tirzepatide works by directly activating both GLP-1 and GIP hormone pathways to help regulate blood sugar, suppress appetite, and delay gastric emptying. 

Lose up to 22% of your body weight



Starting at $110/mo

Companion Weight Loss Semaglutide Vial

Get the same active ingredient as the brand-name medications shipped directly to your door.

Semaglutide suppresses appetite, helps you feel full longer, and reduces cravings for unhealthy foods. Semaglutide makes it easier to stick to your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Lose up to 15% of your boy weight.

*Actual product packaging may appear differently than shown.
*Available by prescription from our healthcare provider for qualifying patients.
*The FDA does not review or approve compounded medications for safety or effectiveness.



Our monthly membership was designed for our patients to have a convenient payment plan broken up for a more affordable monthly payments. Your Membership includes:

  • your virtual visits with the doctor to discuss your medical history and weight loss goals,
  • 24/7 access to our clinic’s health app which guides your journey with healthy recipes, tracking, tips, and support. 
  • Private patient messaging to request refills and ask any questions.

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Your Companion in GLP-1 Assisted MEDICAL weight loss success

Studies show that people who have a weight loss partner are more likely to lose more weight and stick to their goals. This is because having a friend can provide motivation, support, and accountability. For example, you can share your progress, food log, and missteps with your partner. You can also support each other on your journey, and your partner can remind you that setbacks are part of the process.

When looking for a weight loss partner, consider Companion Weight Loss.


Programs tailored to your goals and a plan to maintain.

Weight loss looks different for everyone. Companion Weight Loss will work with you to determine what your goals are and see what program is the best fit. 

Our team, led by Dr John Judd, is committed to guiding you through a seamless, physician-supported weight loss journey, with the convenience of telemedicine. 

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I recommend Dr. Judd and his staff highly. They were professional and their knowledge was great. I had questions and they were kind and caring in answering my questions. I owe them a HUGE amount of gratitude as they were key in changing my life substantially.

– Bobbie H

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John Judd MD

Frequently asked questions

GLP-1s, or Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 receptor agonists, are prescription medications used to treat type 2 diabetes and, in some cases, obesity. These drugs mimic the action of a natural hormone called Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) that is produced in the intestines in response to food intake. GLP-1 is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels by stimulating the release of insulin and inhibiting the release of glucagon, another hormone that raises blood sugar levels.

GLP-1 receptor agonists work by binding to the GLP-1 receptors on cells in the pancreas and other tissues, which helps to:

1. Increase insulin secretion: GLP-1s promote the release of insulin from the pancreas, which lowers blood sugar levels after eating.

2. Decrease glucagon secretion: They also inhibit the release of glucagon, a hormone that raises blood sugar levels by promoting the release of glucose from the liver.

3. Slow gastric emptying: GLP-1s slow down the emptying of the stomach, which can help reduce post-meal spikes in blood sugar levels.

4. Promote a feeling of fullness: GLP-1 receptor agonists can help reduce appetite and promote weight loss by making individuals feel full, which is why they are used to treat obesity.

Currently there are three GLP-1s approved by the FDA for weight management: liraglutide (Saxenda), semaglutide (Wegovy), and tirzepatide (Zepbound).

GLP-1 receptor agonists are typically administered by injection, either once a day, once a week, or once a month, depending on the specific medication.

GLP-1 receptor agonists are considered an important addition to the treatment options for people with type 2 diabetes, as they can help improve blood sugar control, support weight loss, and have a low risk of causing low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). However, like all medications, they may have side effects, so Companion will help to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs.

Compounded GLP-1 Medications are patient-specific medications created in a state Board of Pharmacy or FDA licensed compounding facility per a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. Compounded drugs are required to exclusively use ingredients from FDA-licensed facilities, and test sterile compounds for potency, sterility, and purity.

While compounded drugs are legal they do not undergo pre-market approval from the FDA as they are not made in large batches for the public, compounds are made based on specific orders from a medical professional. Because of that the dose, route of administration, and efficacy may differ from commercially available, brand-name, drugs.
Companion works with licensed sterile compounding pharmacies in the United States.

Get started by scheduling your complimentary consultation here.

Our physician will work with you to determine the best treatment options and can prescribe weight loss medications to those who qualify.

We do not accept insurance at this time. We can, however, assist you with checking your insurance to see if you have coverage for name brand prescriptions. 

Cost depends on the type of insurance you have and the medication. Newer generation medications like GLP-1s can be very expensive ($900-$1200 a month in the U.S. if you’re paying out-of-pocket), and insurance companies vary greatly on which medications they cover, if any. Coupons and other options may be available.

We can assist you with checking your insurance to see if you have coverage for name-brand prescriptions.

Compounded medications are an option without insurance coverage.

Our Tirzepatide starter kit (2-month supply) is $449. As your dose moves up the price will increase. We offer 2-month supplies of 5mg for $599, 7.5mg-10mg for $749, and 12.5-15mg for $899.

Our Semaglutide starter kit (10-week supply) is $275. As your dose moves up the price will increase. We offer a 10-week supply of 0.5mg for $295, 1mg for $355 1.5mg for $450, 2mg for $525, and 2.5mg for $575. 

The amount of weight you can lose on a GLP-1 can range from 5% to over 20% depending on which medication you’re taking. Newer second-generation medications like Wegovy and Mounjaro show more weight loss

The FDA has approved weight-management medications like GLP-1s for individuals living with obesity, which is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above and people with a BMI of 27 and above with health conditions. It is ultimately up to a health care provider to determine who is eligible. Our provider will work with you to determine your best treatment plan. 

Like all medications, those designed for weight loss have the potential for side effects. Side effects can vary depending on the medication, dose, and individual. GLP-1 medications tend to be mild and improve as you continue taking the medication. The most common side effects include GI issues (nausea, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting,  stomach pain), headaches, and sleep disturbances. We will work with you to minimize side effects.

Currently, we are only available for telehealth patients in Missouri. We can see patients from other states in our office in St Louis. Keep checking back as we add more locations.

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